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09/09/2023Seminar Introduction of Historical Antique Clock & Watch
Seminar Introduction: Mr. Derek Lee is an avid antique clock and watch collector who is knowledgeable in the history and technology of timekeeping instruments. In this presentation, he will explain how ancient engineers invented timekeeping devices that are suitable for various industries' needs and introduce the development of wristwatches and clocks, as well as their evolution in artistic design. Mr. Lee will also share his expertise and experience in the appreciation of antique clocks and watches with the participants. He will also bring along selected items from his collection for participants to appreciate. Seminar Section 1. Explanation of Watch and Clock Classification: 2. Design and Application of Antique Watches and Clocks in Various Industries: 3. Sharing the Historical Background and Artistic Creativity 4. Repairing Antique Watches and Clocks: 5. Real Demonstrations and Explanations Free of Charge- Registration at first come first serve basis

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