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26/03/2023Recreation 春遊魔鬼山
誠邀各校友及同學參加春郊旅遊魔鬼山, 魔鬼山位於油塘鄰近市區十分方便,可以輕鬆兩小時行完,除了欣賞維港景色及遠眺新近落成蝴蝶形將軍澳大橋, 更可在山頂參觀多個於在1915年建成的歷史軍事遺跡,包括魔鬼山棱堡、歌賦炮台等。因魔鬼山行山路線的地理位置可遠眺香港島,可用作監視出入鯉魚門的船隻,所以當時的駐港英軍建立了多個軍事設施,包括炮台、交通壕、火藥庫及碉堡等,以鎮守維多利亞港的東面入口,雖然炮台早已撤走,但碉堡仍然完整,被評為二級歷史建築。繼續前往鯉魚門廢置石礦場遙望東面維港壯觀美景及鯉魚門共享海鮮午餐。 日期:26/03/2023(星期日) 集合地點:油塘地地鐵站A出口 集合時間: 9:30am 限額人數 :30人 午餐 : 自費 登記: 請於IGDSAA網頁登記,先到先得. http://www.igds-alumni.org/index.php
09/09/2023Seminar Introduction of Historical Antique Clock & Watch
Seminar Introduction: Mr. Derek Lee is an avid antique clock and watch collector who is knowledgeable in the history and technology of timekeeping instruments. In this presentation, he will explain how ancient engineers invented timekeeping devices that are suitable for various industries' needs and introduce the development of wristwatches and clocks, as well as their evolution in artistic design. Mr. Lee will also share his expertise and experience in the appreciation of antique clocks and watches with the participants. He will also bring along selected items from his collection for participants to appreciate. Seminar Section 1. Explanation of Watch and Clock Classification: 2. Design and Application of Antique Watches and Clocks in Various Industries: 3. Sharing the Historical Background and Artistic Creativity 4. Repairing Antique Watches and Clocks: 5. Real Demonstrations and Explanations Free of Charge- Registration at first come first serve basis

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